Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sometimes people suck. There. I said it. If you come here semi-regularly, you've probably noticed that the blog has been on lock down for a few days. The reason is because a person I know who also has a blog discovered that someone was stealing pics of her son and posting them on an inappropriate website. Yeah. Not. Cool. I immediately took this blog offline while I tried to figure out how to react. To be honest, I'm still not sure exactly what the right answer is but I have taken a few steps. First, any photo where my kiddos are not wearing a shirt or something have been removed. I have also taken a few other photos off which, if you were a sick bastard, could be construed as even remotely suggestive. I'm sick to my stomach. Seriously, I'm disgusted, but this is the world we live in today. I'm haunted by the possibility that photos of my girls are already circulating somewhere they should not be. I don't want to live in a bubble or be paralyzed by fear, but I also don't want to exploit or have my girls exploited. Good grief. Anyway, I am going to continue to take photos because that is what I love to do and it's really all I'm even kind of good at so, with that, thanks for reading my rant.


  1. Sometimes people DO suck. I recall years ago when I participated on various poetry forums, that no matter what forum I visited, there was always at least one bad apple, one total pisser of a human being that was out there being a killjoy just to be a killjoy.

    I'm heartened that this creep, whoever he/she hasn't prevented or discouraged you from continuing your photographic pursuits.

  2. Maria, I've posted about this sort of thing for ages now, both in my blog and other people's and even to women who insist on putting up cute photos of their grandchildren in the tub (o, please), etc; and I pretty much refuse to even visit most sites who do this. I visit yours because you are aware of it all, and at least draw the line at 'cute and naked'.

    LKD, I think we have visited some of the same websites, including a few where such bad behavior was not only condoned but encouraged.

    Basically you can't know who's reading, commenting, lifting stuiff. And it's easy to forget total strangers are out there, or why. One solution would be to start a "friends only" site where only registgered and known friends could see those particular pieces.