Monday, July 22, 2013

Grandma's Gonna Kill Me


  1. What a seriously awesome photograph. If you posted it out on Facebook, I bet it'd go viral. Did you see the drumming grandma on the news? What a hoot. She didn't even know what Youtube.

    Meanwhile, why was gramma looking so um, unhappy here?

  2. was.

    Left out was.

    Didn't know what Youtube was.


    I hate seeing my typos after I post stuff.

    Meanwhile, can you still access James's blog? If so, tell him I can't. It tells me I'm not an invited reader. I miss reading him.

  3. I have no idea why she's making that face!! I think she's just being ornery and I happened to catch her at the exact right moment to make her look SO angry. She's smiling in the photos just seconds before this and after this...just a lucky snap!

    As for James, I emailed him. I am also locked out of his blog. I'll let ya know what he says.

  4. hey maria I made it. thank you. I love this photo. If you look at her mouth, there's a smile there just starting, but the scowl in the image itself is priceless....